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Coffee, cake and...wild swimmers

It’s always good to meet up in person, when you’ve only ever talked on the phone before. And even better when you get spoilt with excellent coffee and delicious cake, so freshly-baked it’s still warm from the oven.

Street entrance of the Old Barn at Wadenhoe

This is how I was greeted by my clients, The Old Barn at Wadenhoe today. Tucked away in this pretty Northamptonshire village, the Old Barn is clearly thriving on its growing reputation with local people and visitors alike. A steady stream of customers dropped in throughout the morning, despite the typical February weather.

There I was, doubtfully eyeing the leaden skies outside, when in walked a group of the Old Barn’s regular customers - the local wild swimming group who’d just come from taking a dip in the nearby river Nene!

I suppressed an involuntary shiver at the mere thought of it, and eagerly returned to my steaming coffee as we chatted about exciting ideas for expanding the business.

I look forward helping promote it, and to developing a fruitful working relationship.

And more cake.

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